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We’re specialized in providing custom software development services in order to help clients to become more competitive in the existing marketplace.


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Mobile Development

A huge playground that requires being fast, innovative and agile. Mobile. With our mobile application engineering, you can reach the same speed as this hard-to-catch world.


Alternative Data

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Blockchain-Smart Contract

We can help you integrate your blockchain-based solutions into daily operations.


ML and AI

We are very sensitive to new generation technologies. With modern AI technology and machine learning, we can break out of the box.


Legacy Modernization

Legacy systems can have very critical functions. So let's make the process perfect again.



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Digital assets used as sales channels need to be equipped with additional instruments.



Internet of things. It's not the first time we've heard of it, but its voice is much stronger now.


Industries covered by us.


We closely follow the dynamics of the transforming Finance/Fintech sector and we know the needs very well. We produce innovative technologies and software in all areas for financial services.

Capital Markets

New generation investment instruments and capital markets are very trendy. Software that can work integrated with the world of algorithms and make life easier for both the company and its users is now much more important.


The changing world and user habits make e-commerce structures more critical day by day. Perfect structures working with high performance from beginning to end make more difference in this sector.


In this period, when healthcare institutions focus more on innovative technologies and digital transformation, software that will make complex workflows smooth and eliminate problems is the industry's clearest need.


Digital technologies enrich the customer experience in the retail industry as well. These days when the personalization trend is shining, we ensure that modern technologies are integrated into the retail industry operating in real places.


We also work in cooperation with high-tech companies to support their different business processes with innovative software.

Hedge Funds

Both hedge funds and those who use them are on the rise. This means new technologies are at the door! Software that can work in integration with them and provide functionality in transaction processes is now more important.

Brokerage Firms

We are developing projects for companies specializing in trading that will accelerate their products and offer new solutions for users.


The insurance sector, its services and tools have developed considerably. We can take this innovative development further and build software that will create custom experiences.

Some notable projects developed by us.

Product Design & Development

We listen to the different needs of our customers from different sectors and develop technologies specific to them. Like Automated Execution Platform, Alternative Data Collection and Smart Contracts.

Our Notable Projects

Platform partnerships

Nelson Lau, PhD, CFA

CEO at PropertyQuants - Singapore

The team at OrionFinX are experts at alternative data. They have extensive experience working with quantitative hedge funds, and understand how to build data warehouses and ETL pipelines to serve highly-demanding clients who count on these streams to make huge investment decisions, often using automated algorithms. At PropertyQuants, we're building a data-driven real estate investment fund, and we worked with OrionFinX on automated pipelines to gather and process large numbers of unstructured spatiotemporal datasets that are absolutely crucial to investment decision making.

Robert J. Ogilvie

Founder at Mosaic Automation Inc - Florida, USA

OrionFinX front end (UX) and backend development teams worked seamlessly to create a turn-key solution for our software platform. Their engineers delivered a vast yet artistically designed infrastructure therefore allowing the business to be scalable and dynamic. During the process, we obtained a lot of additional value by receiving business consultation, product placement and product enhancements. In a highly competitive space, their creativity, attention to detail and timeliness is greatly appreciated.

Alex Marquez

Founder at Propellerfish - London, UK

The team at OrionFinX built us a tool that made accessing important data easy for our team and the data scientists we work with.

Emre Oguten

Co-Founder at Wallniture - New Jersey, USA

Wallniture is in online retail company designing and manufacturing its own branded products in home category. As an online retail company business automation was the real challenge for us. Product discovery, visibility, traffic, and profitability were main points where we needed automation. While navigating difficulties on these four main points individually, the primary challenge was to interconnect them. OrionFinX team helped us achieve higher level of business automation and optimization. They created an environment for us that incorporates all the aforementioned functionality. It is fascinating how quickly the team understand the business dynamics, gain domain knowledge, and build the technology accordingly. I highly recommend OrionFinX.

Steve Resnick

President at Hedge IQ - New York, USA

I have known some of the key staff for almost ten years, and I have utilized their IT services for about five years for my company. We have a large database and need to optimize number crunching each day. Engineers are extremely smart and knowledgeable and are truly dedicated to getting things done right for their clients. They are adept at understanding and addressing a range of problems and solutions. They have tremendous integrity and are true hard workers. If this review seems very positive, I’m still under-stating the value of them!

Michael Yilmaz

Founder at HAUB Technologies - New Jersey, USA

At HAUB Technologies we develop algorithmic trading strategies by strictly adhering to mathematical relationships between financial instruments and we have found the team at OrionFinX to be very knowledgeable in data science and machine learning. They built an analysis framework for us in Python that helps us to leverage the servers we rent from our cloud provider to run our gradient boosted ensemble tree based algorithms in parallel that helped us save a tremendous amount of money and time. This is the team that you need on your speed dial.

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