About us

We are a team of designers, engineers and developers that produce turn-key solutions.

We embarked on our journey in 2017. We were producing financial applicatons initially. After a few projects, we expanded our team and began covering other industries . Today, we offer a wide range of custom solutions in E-trading, E-commerce, Legacy Modernization, Blockchain, IoT and Alternative Data fields.

In just 5 years, we have developed special technologies for different technology needs in different parts of the world. Moreover, these projects have been implemented for many different sectors. Whether you are a small financial institution or a blockchain start-up with a smart idea… As Orionfinx, we can satisfy your technology needs.

Our way of working

Diversity is not just a trend for us.

We believe in the power of diversity. The software world always has new ideas beyond the horizon and always offers a variety of ways to get there. We are inspired by technology. We value the differences, ideas and talents of the people we work with in this world that offers endless possibilities and new ideas.

The software is not just a set of code solutions for us, it is also a playground.

Although the foundations of our work are seen as numbers and codes, creativity is very important to us as an engineering team. Is there user data that needs to be accessed? What is the most efficient way to reach them? Our work always raises questions and we solve them with our creativity.

Our mentality works in harmony with the global approach.

We are a technology company that responds to different problems in different parts of the world. The experience we have gained over the years has enabled us to fully absorb this global approach. At this point, we can easily demonstrate the global reach that will meet the needs of your project with pinpoint solutions.

Final Words: Speed, quality, trust. Time to hit the market.

We like to work with agile methods. We can crown our speed with quality. We are always transparent when we act with our technology and innovation power. We act as your colleague who will add value to your project by building reliable bridges. At the end of the story, the stage is yours now.